Marvin McClain B.S. CGTMG

Professional Profile:

  • Over twenty-seven years in construction and automotive industry. Have performed residential, metal building, interstate bridge, bridge crane, concrete, overhead monorail construction, conveyor systems of all types, and ABB robotics maintenance and repair. Have proficiency in blueprint reading, layout and fabrication of various structures, rigging, leveling, and mechanical joining of components. Have completed a four year Millwright and six year Industrial Machine Repairman Apprenticeship. Have welding experience on all types of construction, including structural steel and interstate bridges. I have also had experience in repairing all types of machinery, installation and movement of machinery, shaft alignment, couplings, bearings, drives, presses, cylinders, gear boxes, proximity switches, photo cells, proximity sensors, cameras, and laser for orientation along with fluidics dispensing for core casting. I have a working knowledge of electricity and reading schematics, have had pneumatics and hydraulics training, can read circuit diagrams, and long experience in repair of same. I have excellent communications skills, am innovative and have good leadership skills. I am willing to travel or relocate.


  • To perform work as a Maintenance Technician, Product Designer/Drafter/Computer Graphics Technician with an Engineering affiliate in Manufacturing Communication, preferably utilizing SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer, Mastercam and related software.


  • Graduated 5/2011 Indianapolis University Purdue University Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Graphics Technology with an Engineering affiliate in Manufacturing Graphics Communication.
  • Graduated 5/2009 with an Associate’s Degree in Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue University School of Technology in Richmond, IN. in 2009.
  • Have completed a four year Millwright Apprenticeship under the sponsorship of Eastern Indiana District Council Joint Apprenticeship Committee, Muncie, IN.
  • Have earned a Journeyman Industrial Machine Repairman Apprenticeship through IUE-AFL-CIO Skilled Trades Council.


  • Navistar International Transportation Corporation, Indianapolis Casting Corporation, 5/91 -12/2002

    Worked as a skilled trades UAW Millwright. Responsible for all in-plant repair, movement and placement of machinery. Have ABB robotics training (Zurich, Switzerland) and repair experience. Air arc, plasma cutter, stick and mig welding. Also oxygraph and experience in welding maganol steel. Have repair experience with belt conveyors, roller conveyors, shakers, shaker drives, bridge cranes, elevators, shotblast, precision grinding, shaft alignment, and BMD shot blast machinery. I was the first Millwright hired there in 25 years and with fresh methodology, from myself and others to follow, within 3 years the foundry ran at 95 to 100% production making it the first foundry in history to go into the black.

  • Ford Aerospace, Connersville, IN. 7/84 -1/91

    Worked as an Industrial Machine Repairman responsible for trouble shooting machinery for all trades. Performed all mechanical movement and repair of machinery and facilities. Experience included repair of CNC machinery, overhead monorail, conveyor systems of all types, precision leveling, coupling alignment, ABAR vacuum furnaces, precision leveling, tube mills, air compressors, presses, parts cleaning systems, banding machinery, shrink wrap and fiber banding pallet systems, Allen-Bradley PLC trouble shooting, and robotics. Quality increased and rejects reduced $30,000.00 per month after six months experience in Aluminum Radiator Department. Largely through proficiency and efficiency in repair and production procedures and developing rapport with other shifts, engineering, and shop personnel. Am licensed to operate fork trucks, high lifts, deck crane, and snorkel buckets. Developed high degree of skill at trouble shooting and executing maintenance procedures and am considered by superiors and peers to be exemplary in my trade.

  • Local Union 912 Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Richmond, IN. 7/78 - 7-84

    Worked as a Journeyman Carpenter and Journeyman Millwright. Worked through a combined local for multiple construction companies. Performed work on interstate bridges, waste disposal plants, high schools, apartment projects, department stores, and in-factory construction projects. This includes excavations, concrete with Simmons Forms, cutting and welding, high work, rigging, layout and fabrication, and supervision of fellow workers. My business agent recommended me highly and my affiliations with various companies kept me employed when others in my trade were not.

  • International Brotherhood of Laborers Local Union 1074,7/77-7/78

    Worked as a Union Laborer. Performed concrete finishing of all types. Worked with back hoes, jack hammers, all hand excavation tools, finishing machines, trowels, Industrial diamond saws, compactors, grinders, and re-bar. Was laborer foreman for 25 workers. From this experience I was offered an opportunity by employer to enter into a Millwright Apprenticeship with only two being accepted in the state of Indiana that year.

  • Wayne Corporation, Richmond, IN. 7/70 - 7/74

    Worked as a production laborer. School bus body construction, decking, wrap around rails, mounting, seat installation,
    heater install, sash install, chassis prep, paint, electrical corrective, and chassis driver.


  • I am proficient with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign CS5 in creating technical documents, service and dealer recall bulletins. I have been trained with Photoshop CS5 extended, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Bridge, Illustrator, InDesign, Rhinocerous, Flamingo 2.0, Dreamweaver, Flash, AutoCad 2011, ProEngineer Wildfire 5.0, SolidWorks 2010, Mastercam, AutoCAD, Inventor, Google Sketchup, and other software enabling me to create illustrations, graphics, CNC numerical code, and technical blueprints. I have geometric tolerance training (GDT). I also have experience in web design for creating and maintaining websites necessary in our global market. Samples of my work can be viewed on my website:

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